What do Parents expect from a Home Tutor

Proper Planning and delivering tutoring sessions using collaborative learning methodologies: Use latest Tools and techniques for teaching online using Zoom App or any contemporary Tools for effective teaching. Things have changed due to pandemic Coronavirus spread turning students to look for online tutoring.

Assisting students in creative way of learning and imparting study skills: Explore various online Teaching Tools and techniques for imparting creative learning. Use project based teaching or activity oriented learning to help students to become more creative. Request Tutor

Establishing and maintaining friendly rapport students: Start your class with a smile. It creates a positive and friendly environment during sessions. More you look serious, student will not be open for learning. Sometimes it leads to hesitation and students will not ask even basic doubts during class.

Motivating and supporting in achieving: Whenever it is possible try to share valuable information and try to help for some of the issues of the students. It creates room for motivation and openness for easy learning. Due to parents busy schedule sometimes students will find it difficult to fulfil their petty works. By helping them will create strong feeling for motivation and will create friendly atmosphere.

Identifying necessary academic needs of the students: Once you create a friendly atmosphere, the first thing you should find is the areas where student is weak. Also, identify strength of the student to take him to the next level. Slowly take the student to the desired level through step by step teaching. Parents should be able to appreciate the improvement in their child’s performance.

Serving as a role model for students for betterment of future: Sometimes you need to discuss about great people for inspiration. Talk about your personal to professional career achievements and make him/her to treat you as a role model.

Maintaining excellent communications skills: It is very important to communicate fluently due to the changing language skill requirements. Most of the parents will opt for highly skilled Tutors with excellent communication skills. Always use different vocabulary during your session. Join as a Tutor

Attending tutoring classes regularly without any gaps: Generally it distracts students interest and secondly parents doesn’t like irregular Tutors. It creates a negative impression for both student and parent. Incase if you miss any class due to unexpected issues, try to cover it on weekends or by spending extra time after the regular class.

Performing other assigned duties as required by parents: Sometimes parents will expect additional help for completion of assignments, project works and Homework help. By spending little bit extra time Tutors can expect special emoluments from Parents.