Tips to Write Attractive Tutor Profile

Many Tutors, especially from India, generally registers their profile with limited details. This is one of the main reason for not getting calls from students. Many Tutors are not able to showcase their skills and talent due to their bad presentation skills. The tutor must create a stunning profile to attract students and parents for online Tutoring and Home Tuitions. Few Tutors will create a profile with one or two lines which are not sufficient to get selected by the parents. It’s very difficult to understand with 2 lines write up. At least a good Tutor profile must have the following to attract more students.


– A stunning Tutoring profile attracts more students and parents

– A survey shows that students will give less importance to the Tutor’s profile with photo and video

At least a good Tutor profile must have the following to attract more students. More you write and highlight your profile, there are high chances to get direct calls from parents and students.

  • . About you
  • . Experience
  • . HD profile photo
  • . At least one or two Videos
  • . Project Works if any
  • . Articles if any
  • . Achievements
  • . Course videos

1. About you:

Introduce yourself, provide your basic details. Let students and clients know more about you. Your identity is the most important factor to create a credible profile to attract people. Do no show Email address and Mobile number directly in the paragraphs to avoid unnecessary calls. Sign Up Now

2. Experience:

You need to genuinely write about your Tutoring experience to understand your teaching background. Describe what you teach, which syllabus you handle, your teaching style, your preferences like online or home tuition, timings availability, locations you cover, tuition fee expectation etc.

3. HD profile photo:

Upload a professional Tutoring profile pic. This is very important in terms of the credibility of the Tutor. Sometimes, you can even upload multiple photos showing teaching activities, students you taught etc.

4. Videos:

This is very important for any tutor to get more student contacts. With the revolution of Tik-Tok, these days it’s very easy to create stunning professional videos using the latest online tools. Create educational videos with course details using contemporary mobile apps.

5. Project Works:

If possible display your projects experience if any. Showcase your skills and give more details regarding projects handled so far to get good deals.

6. Articles:

If you are good at content writing and love to show your writing skills, then display some of your Articles in your profile. Check Sample Article

7. Achievements:

Let students and parents understand your capability and your achievements. List our your achievements and narrate how you achieved them.
This will motivate students to treat you as a role model.

8. Courses:

Register and showcase different courses handled by you. Give a basic description of what you can teach. Put a price tag for each course for getting online registrations. Prepare hi-definition online video lessons and good study material to sell it online. Keep in mind that you should make your videos speechless and stunning. For example, Spoken English course, MS Office online course, Vedic Maths, IIT JEE Maths Tips etc.