Terms and conditions

For Parents/Students:

Kindly read the terms and conditions of ‘Itsmetutor’ to avoid misunderstanding or a needlessly unpleasant situation at any later stage. We sincerely believe that each user must go through these terms & Conditions thoroughly to understand and proceed for registration with us.

  1. Itsmetutor levies a onetime, non-refundable service charge depends up on the requirements of tuition and location for services we provide. This fee is valid for one year. In case if you contact our registered Tutor directly after taking paid membership or if Tutors from our website contacts you directly then we will not be responsible money transactions between you and Tutor.
  2. Registered parents/students availing Itsmetutor services should compulsorily ask for a copy of the ID proof & address proof from the Tutors as factor of safety. Complete responsibility lies with Student/Parent only.
  3. The parents / students need to verify the Tutor profile with ‘Itsmetutor’ by calling us at +91-9030113022 before finalizing them for Tuition.
  4. Itsmetutor is not responsible for any unforeseen, intentional or unintentional accidental damage caused by the tutor(s) to any living or non-living entity in the house of the parent / student.
  5. Itsmetutor is also not responsible for any behavioral / professional misconduct by the tutor. However, negligence of duty or a sense of responsibility that includes frequent absenteeism without prior intimation, misbehavior, time wastage etc., should be reported to Itsmetutor, at the earliest possible.
  6. If you dislike the services offered by the current tutor, kindly inform Itsmetutor at the earliest to enable us to find a replacement for you as soon as possible.
  7. Itsmetutor is confident of assigning a new tutor as requested or find the replacement for a tutor within minimum 2-3 working days from the registration / replacement request.
  8. If a registered parent / student want to discontinue the services of a tutor after selecting him / her for the assignment, we advise parent/student to settle the outstanding money to be paid to the Tutor and inform Itsmetutor immediately for further action if desired.
  9. Registered parents / students are requested not to make any advance payment to the tutors. We do not take the responsibility of any lump sum advance / contract payment made to the tutors. We recommend parents / students to pay monthly Tuition online to avoid unrealistic problems. This method of payment will ensure  payment receipt also.

The minimum hourly / weekly / monthly Tuition Fee for a tutor’s services will vary as per region / state / city / location and the tutor’s qualification / experience, reputation etc. 

For Tutors: