Telangana Coronavirus

Find outbreaks of Telangana Coronavirus cases in various districts especially in Hyderabad. Find Latest Coronavirus Hyderabad updates, Coronavirus daily casualties, Coronavirus Tips for containment of this pandemic virus in Hyderabad. Keep checking our latest tips and updates to live safely.

Hyderabad: 447 Karimnagar: 75
Adilabad: 15 Khammam: 125
Mahabubnagar: 49 Nalgonda: 122
Nizamabad: 153 Medak: 38

Free COVID-19 Consultation

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How COVID 19 affects different organs of the human body?

Everyone knows that the corona is the same thing that affects the throat and lungs. Few people know that it only affects the heart in some people. But, the coronavirus actually affects many organs, from the head to the legs. As well as many factors from the hair to the toes also indicate the variation in the patterns of infection. But knowing all this is not to be feared. No need to worry about knowing. It is very interesting to know how the body behaves from the top to the bottom. So let’s find out what can affect the hair to the toes. Let’s raise awareness. Read More

కరోనా కి మరో కొత్త మందు

Six different symptom clusters of COVID-19

Find various symptoms of COVID-19 and be alert to safeguard yourself. Day by day corona cases are skyrocketing like anything. Read Article

రష్యా వ్యాక్సిన్ మనకు ఎంతవరకు ఉపయోగం

ఈ ఒక్క చర్యతో కరోనాను కట్టడి చెయొచ్చు