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Hi, Civil Engineering Tutor in Mangalagiri, Guntur ready to teach Tuitions.
Qualification: B.E (Civil)
Classes u can handle: up to 10th preferably
Syllabus you can handle: any
Experience in years: months in teaching n research field
Any Special Skills: motivational, singing, mimicry , communication skill.
How do you improve the kid: will make sure to understand his standard and starts teaching him from there which can help him to co-op with others easily.
How you are different than other Tutors: I won’t stop with teaching I’ll concentrate on student manners, ethics as well, more over I’ll be myself and that makes me special from others.
Preferred localities: any in Vijayawada or Mangalagiri.
Why do u need Tuition Job: can help me to prepare those syllabus for future future plans and it’s always good to teach kids in good way.
Present Address: 5-178b/10a, lb Nagar
City: Mangalagiri

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