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Music Tutor

Hi, I am a Music Tutor from Hyderabad ready to train you fro the following music varieties.

1.Hindustani Vocals
2.Indian Vocals
3.All types of Bollywood singing styles
9.voice Training (playback)
Study Details:


M A MUSIC (Bombay University)

Ph.D. (pursuing from Banaras University)

Course Details:

Hindustani Vocal Music for Beginners is a journey in Indian classical and semi-classical music with an accomplished, professional vocalist, Laxman(Ashish). Starting with the basics, students will be introduced to musical notation and vocal exercises. Once these have been covered, students will be introduced to raga music and the concepts of tala and laya, or speed and rhythm. By the end of the course, students will have the ability to sing and present anyone’s raga in Chhota khayal form. Additionally, students will be instructed in beginners’ Swara mapping and identification, the process of identifying notes in simple Hindi songs. These lessons will provide students with an established understanding of Hindustani vocal music.
Students of this course will flourish under the instruction of an expert in Hindustani classical music and will receive an excellent introductory education. After the course has ended, students will be able to expand on the concepts and topics they’ve learned, including the appreciation of music and vocal ability. As for course materials, necessary documents and recordings will be provided, as well as additional materials for developing students’ overall interest in learning and listening to classical music.
After successful completion of this course, students can gear themselves for the next course by Ashish.

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