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Post your Tuition and get connected with 1000+ professional Teachers in Mysore. Also find genuine Home Tutors in Mangalore for CBSE Maths, Hindi and Kannada language classes.

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  • Online Tutoring starting from 100/hr
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  • 4,750 registered online Tutors

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Crazywhiz is the Best Online Tutoring service provider, offering part-time teaching jobs in Visakhapatnam. Find latest Home Tuition jobs in Visakhapatnam and part-time data entry work for earning ₹2,000 to ₹5,000/month. Also, the Crazywhiz portal displays a Home Tutoring service for a wide range of subjects from Maths, science to Engineering subjects. Use our Tuition Job Portal to browse through the latest Teacher Job openings posted by LKG-12th class students, Engineering students, parents, and those who are looking for specific coaching for admission into various institutes. Further, you can also find Data Entry Jobs, Tally/Accountant Jobs, Full time teaching jobs in Schools and coaching centers. We display private Tuitions in Visakhapatnam, Home Tuition Jobs in Vizag, Home Tutor Jobs in Gajuwaka, online Tutoring vacancies for Maths and Science, Computer language courses like Java, c, Data Structures, and C++. In Addition to the above, Part Time Jobs, freelance jobs, Assignment works, and Projects.

We are providing part-time Tuition jobs in Cuttack from Nursery to 10th grade. Interested Tutors in Cuttack can join as a Tutor and get part-time Tutor jobs in Cuttack. We offer Private classes for various subjects for CBSE, ICSE, and Odisha state board syllabus. Those who are looking for part-time teaching jobs in Cuttack may join Crazywhiz and get connect with students often search for home tutor required in Cuttack. We also offer coaching center jobs in Cuttack as part-time tutoring work. Read More

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Select Tuition jobs in Mangalore and get connected with our students. Due to Covid-19, many of the students and parents are opting for online Tuitions in Mangalore rather than private Tuitions. So, better to have an idea about the latest online teaching Tools and create a stunning Tutor profile to grab the attraction of parents.


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Time has gone for the traditional way of searching for jobs. Crazywhiz will search Job for you. Our professional team members will go to each corner of the internet and genuine companies for showcasing the best available jobs for you. Daily hundreds of recruiters post regular jobs for getting employees. Just click on Jobs and browse unlimited jobs and access contact details immediately.

-Arranges Tutor in 24 Hours
-Quality Tutoring by Qualified Tutors
-3 Free Classes for assessing Tutors
-Quick replacement of Tutor if not satisfied
-24/7 Support
-Easy payment options
-Tuition Fee starting from ₹100/hr

👩‍🏫 Are you scared about online classes?

Crazywhiz offers Home Tutor Jobs in Amritsar for those who don’t understand online tutoring classes. Post your Tuition need online and the best private Tutors in Amritsar at your step with 100% Covid-19 safety measures. Send your Tutor request for a professional personal Teachers in Amritsar along with the full address and schedule a demo class. View Jobs

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Earlier people used to do Part-time jobs just for the sake of pocket money. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, nowadays many are doing multiple part-time jobs in Hyderabad for survival. We made your job simple and easy. Explore plenty of Part-time and work from Home jobs in Hyderabad for meeting your needs. Apply for Part-Time Job. Explore jobs on Crazywhiz posted by top recruiters in various cities. Crazywhiz is displaying Job opportunities like Part-Time Jobs, Private Jobs, and the most important Government jobs. There are plenty of Government organizations and Industries offering jobs, which many of us doesn’t even know. Right from central Government Jobs to local sales and Marketing jobs are available for you to confirm your job employment. Read More

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  1. Call 9014339898
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If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”- Ignacio Nacho Estrada

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It is a great support especially Mr. Abhinav arranged Tutors with patience for my child who are not able to cope up with certain Tutors. Finally we got suitable teacher for my child.

Sucharitha Reddy

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Crazywhiz Tuitions is popular Tuition agency for fixing dedicated Home Tutors in Chennai. Contact +91-9014339898 for graduate and postgraduate professional Teachers in Chennai. Parents looking for home tuitions in Balanagar may send Tuition request for booking suitable Home Tutor. Post your Tuition need and get best Home Tutors for one to one Home Tutoring. ↳ Book Tutor


Without wasting your time anymore get registered with Crazywhiz with a valid Tutoring profile. Access unlimited students who need private Tuition for Maths and Science subjects. Register your Tutoring profile and get part time Teaching jobs in Balanagar. Tutors will get home tutions faster only after creating a stunning teaching profile. ↳ Join As a Tutor

Essential Qualities of a Tutor

-Make comfortable learning
-Passion for teaching
-Love to share knowledge with
-Good preparation for the class
-Ability to inspire kids
-Easy to interact with students
-Commitment towards timings
-Enjoy teachings

Read more Articles on How it works for your child. Crazywhiz gathers quality information at your fingertips for selection of Best Private Tutor.

Teaching is the Greatest act of Optimism for sharing knowledge and Synerging the ideas for the next generation students

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Get Help from professional Tutors and developers for School, and college level Assignment works. » Post Assignment Need


👪 Whats is the average tuition fee generally charged by Tutors?

For primary kids the the average tuition fee would be ₹100/hr and for secondary class students it ranges from ₹100-₹200/hr. Further, for home tutoring beyond class 10. Generally it’s not a straightforward answer, it depends on many factors like class, syllabus, number of subjects, number of days in a week, duration of the class and finally professional experience and qualification of the Teacher. Calculate Tuition Fee

👪 Is it safe to opt for home Tuition during Covid-19 ?

If you take proper safety measures and clean sanitization of care then there is no issue to opt for Home Tutoring. Ensure that the tutor whom so ever u finalize, must agree and follow Covid-19 guidelines strictly before hiring.

👪 Can I get Home Tutor for Nursery Kid?

Crazywhiz is offers private tutors for pre-primary and montessori classes apart from class 1-12th tuition.

👪 What modes of payment are accepted by Private tutors?

The general accepted payment modes are Cash, account transfer, Paytm, Gpay, Phonepe etc.

👩‍🏫 What is the average income expected for a Tutor?

If its a home tutoring, Tutor can take 2-3 Tuitions per day to justify the students. Sometimes, around 4-5 classes in a day will work. But, if the tutoring is through online, it is suggested to take 4-5 online Tutoring classes per day.

👪 Why take private classes?

There are many reasons why a student or parent go for private tuition. However, the main reason is to understand the concepts which were not understood in schools and colleges, to have a special care, etc.

What are the advantages of hiring a private tutor?

The following are the primary advantages of hiring a private tutor…
– Special care and focussed learning
– Dedicated person to take care of education needs
– Regular follow up
– To avoid lagging behind lessons